Quality Policy of EVG

Design of our quality policy depends not only on the basic requirements and interests of our worldwide customers but also on those of all other internal and external stakeholders.

For us, the major objective of our enterprise is to establish and cultivate exemplary communication structures with our customers and stakeholders via clearly defined interfaces.

In the framework of the implementation of our corporate processes we put special emphasis on the clear definition of all quality-related aspects of cooperation with our customers and stakeholders and consider it important that they are realized by the organization and/or all staff members.

As a part of our strategic focus deriving from our corporate guidelines we aim at the following goals:

Consolidation of our position as provider of most innovative products which, in terms of technology, are superior to the solutions of our competitors and which offer an extraordinary value for money.

Increase of customer value in particular through high reliability and flexibility when it comes to the design of customer-specific solutions and order handling.

Ability to supply at the customer’s desired deadline in order to mark ourselves off from other providers.

After-sales Service exceeding the expectations of our customers and ensuring trouble-free operation of our machines for decades.  

Striving for improvements on the basis of our well-founded corporate processes in which risk reduction guidelines according to ISO 9001:2015 were integrated.

Consequent processing of tasks to reach corporate objectives and to raise trust of our customers.